Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

DesignWith the Easter holidays looming, I am always looking for good places to visit with the boys that are 1.Not too expensive, and 2. Not ridiculously busy. We visited on a frosty Saturday in January after a tip off from one of the Mums at J’s school, and we weren’t disappointed.

The centre itself is free to enter, there is a great gift shop (I’m not one for browsing usually, but was actually really impressed) and a cafe that is really popular (you need to book for Sunday lunch). Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to sample the food as O had seen enough at this point and was in full meltdown mode, maybe next time!

29133024_UnknownWhat we had really come to see was the Woolly Mammoth, a full size replica of a mammoth skeleton found near Shrewsbury. J was really excited to see this massive skeleton, and I was taken aback by just how big these animals were. The exhibition includes an Iron Age display, J loved the spears and shield and was keen to try the outfits in the dressing up box.29133232_Unknown

It was great to see some of the amazing archeological finds from the area, and there was brass rubbing to keep the boys amused while we caught up with some of this areas rich history.

Behind the centre is the 30 acre Onny Meadows. We were given a map in the discovery centre and there is a network of paths around the site, through grassy meadows, pond and by the river. The paths are all hard surfaced so would be fine with a buggy in dryer weather, ours struggled a bit as it was quite muddy and the middle of winter. J liked leading the way and being in charge of the map, and we were looking out for early signs of spring.

In all it was a really nice morning and I’m looking forward to visiting again later on in the Spring and Summer and properly exploring the meadows, and hopefully getting the chance to have lunch in the cafe!

The mammoth exhibition costs £3.50 for adults and free for under 5’s. More info can be found here.

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