New Year, New Blog

I didn’t start 2017 thinking this was the year I would start a blog – there have been several factors guiding me on this path. Like most people, with the New Year, comes a reorganisation of what we want to try and achieve in the coming year. With a decent  twitter following, a growing Instagram account and a nice little Etsy shop selling handmade goatsmilk soap, is it really the right time to start a blog?


Just before I became pregnant for the first time in 2013 I took over a small local herb growing business. The polytunnel was set up, the stock plants in the ground, plantfairs booked, business cards produced and a great website was in the making. With a horticultural background, this was my dream job.


Then after many months of trying, and losing faith that pregnancy was going to happen naturally for us, we finally got that long awaited positive test result. It did, of course, change everything. I had no idea how hard pregnancy could be and was under the impression that MY baby would just seamlessly fit in to my daily routine of caring for the animals on our smallholding, tending our garden and developing my small herb growing business.

So, four years down the line and another pregnancy and baby under my belt, comes the reality of trying to run a small business with two small children. I love horticulture, and growing and selling my herbs, but need to put this to one side, as a hobby, as the financial rewards are minimal (i.e. it pays for itself) and the time input is massive. I will continue making soap and selling in my Etsy shop, but raising the boys, and tending the smallholding needs to be the priority.


My other job is as a marketing assistant for a brand of cloth nappies that I am truly passionate about. Set up by a friend that I  made during my antinatal classes in my first pregnancy, we are working on building a brand and raising awareness of using cloth nappies in general. For me, this involves spending rather a lot of time on social media, reading blogs and corresponding with bloggers. In reality I’m a social media junkie. There, I’ve said it.

What I really want to try and achieve this year is a place that I can pull all these fragments together in one place. A place to focus, to meet like minded people, and to share our experiences. Welcome to The Mummy Homestead. IMG_2543.JPG